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Candles are ever popular and there are many types of holders including beautiful coloured glass hanging ones, glass holders for the table or window display, the traditional candle sticks, and larger wrought iron table centre pieces.

The range or candles goes from Tealights in 5 and 9 hour burning times, pillar candles which have a wonderful scent and are drip less and varying in burning time up to 15 hours or more (the bigger the candle the longer the burning time).  There are no cheap candles here which use animal fat and burn black, the ones found here are quality and reasonably priced.

My ethos is 1 of 10 not 10 of 1 so the range is large and ever changing.
I am happy to post any item you see on the website that is still available, just send me an email (info@bearcottagecrafts.com.au)
I will usually answer you the same day, then we can finish the transaction over the phone.
Otherwise call in when on the East Coast of Tasmania and experience our wonderful store, be curious, be tempted.