Bear Cottage Crafts - Swansea's Finest Gift Store

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Bear Cottage Crafts is always about teddies. With hardly a day passing by without one being given a new home.

It's hard to keep up the supply of handmade bears and there is one special and favoured bear maker who does them in her spare time with love and great affection. They are seasonal and very popular, if you are lucky enough to find one it will be unique and beautiful.

My ethos is 1 of 10 not 10 of 1 so the range is large and ever changing.
I am happy to post any item you see on the website that is still available, just send me an email (info@bearcottagecrafts.com.au)
I will usually answer you the same day, then we can finish the transaction over the phone.
Otherwise call in when on the East Coast of Tasmania and experience our wonderful store, be curious, be tempted.